VICOM, Goeppingen, Deutschland

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Kuhnbergstr. 15
73037 Göppingen-Eschenbach

Tel. (+49) 7161/ 98 40 3-0

VICOM is one of the leading manufacturers of presentation technologies in Europe. With branches in New Jersey, USA and Sydney, Australia VICOM is able to support its customers worldwide.

Centers of our activities are:

  • System solutions for certain lines of businesses
  • Engineering of own products
  • Custom engineering
  • Rental and staging

The complete VICOM Portfolio:

Products  Video  - SunPro, daylight video system
 Slide projection  - WEGA 1200, high intensity projector with 30.000 lumens
 - WEGA 66, high intensity projector with 22.000 lumens
 - SUPERNOVA 10K, power projector for standard slides with 10.000 lumens
 - SUPERNOVA 5000, power projector for standard slides with 5.000 lumens
 - SlideMagic, slide-to-data transfer unit
 Screens   - SunScreen, extreme bright rear projection screen for shopping windows
 - TransVision, rear projection screen for conference rooms
 Surtitle systems for theatres and opera houses
 Window screen projection
Noise reduction housings
 Weather proof housings
 Video conference
- Design spotlight

 Fixed installation

- Planinng/ conception/ realisation
 Engineering  - Performance and method of operation
 - Noise reduction box
 - Weather proof housing
 - Rear projection framing and mounting

 - DMX-Link, DMX-to RS232 interface with SoftEngine

 - Software development
 - PixelMatch
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 Fixed installation/ engineering
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