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ScoreBoard Hall Slider

Software for result displays

ScoreBoard is a new PC-based software to display game results during the competitions.

The software is based on MS-Windows and is very easy to handle. A special control unit enables fatigue-free handling - allowing the operator to concentrate fully on the game.

Self-explanatory software

First, select your sport from the main menu

First, select your sport from the main menu

Many sports are already available - see the last page. Our offer is constantly supplemented with new sports.

For this brochure we have selected the examples with handball.

On the right side you will see the operator screen

On the right side you will see the operator screen

The data and input fields can be seen on a display. Everything is clear and logical. Submissions can be corrected, if necessary.

On the left side you will see the result display

On the left side you will see the result display

The arrangement and the design for each customer can assemble themselves, an editor for it is supplied. The two examples differ as follows:

On the first ad

  • the background is black for best contrast
  • is a red separation line
  • important numbers are colored
  • Ads are not included

On the second example

On the second example

  • the background is replaced by any JPG image
  • the fonts are changed
  • is a rearrangement of the data to see
  • The logos have a transparent function

Two working modes

The ScoreBoard software has been developed for small as well as large events and permanent installations.
Single mode
For small sporting events, this single-mode can be used. A laptop is connected. The operator screen will then appear on the monitor. Normally, the PCs in this class have a second graphics output. There the result monitor is connected. The structure is thus very simple. Only one cable needs to be connected.
ScoreBoard single mode
Server mode
For permanent installations we recommend the server mode. It can be operated in a computer network, whereby even long cable runs can be realized. In addition, different places can be defined within a hall, where the operator can switch on, because normally the sports require different locations for the bediner.
ScoreBoard server mode

display medium

There are several options for the display medium. Usually the following techniques are used.



Various sizes are available here, this goes up to a size of 2m and is thus sufficient for many halls. It is particularly important when purchasing that the monitor has a protective glass against ball hits.



Projectors can be used extremely flexibly. Modern devices are very bright and can be used for front projection as well as rear projection. By using the right lens, almost all requirements for projection distance and image size can be met.

LED displays

LED displays

LED walls can be supplied for permanent installations or mobile use indoor and outdoor. They are available in high, medium and low resolution and can be extremely bright. VICOM LED displays have a tested ball protection.

Commander - control console

Commander is a specially designed console for VICOM programs. It guarantees a maximum of comfort and allows a long time to accompany the games without getting tired.

On the console the most important functions are switched on. The occupancy is therefore different from sport to sport. The keys are software controlled and change their design as the sport changes.

ScoreBoard PC software

Available sports

Handball Basketball Badminton
Football American Football Tennis
water polo Simple school sport Table tennis
Volleyball Futsal Hockey

Other sports on request

(As of: March 2019)

Downloads & contact

Scoreboard - Scorecard PDF (DE) Scoreboard - Scorecard PDF (EN)


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