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Digital door signs

In front of each conference room, digital door signs (VisDoor) are installed, which display the current meetings in a time-controlled manner. In addition, the visitors to the model VisDoor BusinessLine Already remotely informed by a light frame whether the room is free or occupied.

VisGuide software and VisDoor digital doorplates are designed to display greetings and information in all languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic ...

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Zoom monitor in the lobby or in the entrance area

VisGuide offers one of the best GUI (graphical user interface) worldwide - whether for conference room booking, advertising or a simple welcome screen. All connected screens are constantly supplied with new content.

If a new event is booked spontaneously, the monitor contents are updated automatically.

VisDoor - the choice is yours

VisDoor Elegance

VisDoor Elegance

A high quality aluminum frame surrounds the display. In order to increase the value, the surface was specially processed and remunerated. VisDoor Elegance is functional and elegant. It can be integrated into almost any environment.

Further to: VisDoor Elegance.

VisDoor BusinessLine

VisDoor BusinessLine

The sleek and modern design looks very progressive in front of every conference room. Integrated LEDs let a red or green light frame appear around the display, which makes the attractiveness and the room status visible from afar. Other colors eg within the framework of the CI can also be displayed with the light frame. The customer logo can be printed or engraved on the frame.

Further to: VisDoor Business Line.

VisDoor WAVE radio panel

VisDoor WAVE radio panel

In addition to our successful VisDoor models, we developed a radio-controlled solution. This can be used, for example, in historic buildings where no additional cables may be laid. Or in modern conference centers, where many glass walls are located. VisDoor WAVE is fully integrated into the VisGuide softwarearchitecture, which means that the operator will not notice any difference in program operation. However, the display is only black / white. Films are not possible.

VisDoor custom design

VisDoor custom design

With larger purchase quantities, customers can influence the design of VisDoor displays. Sketch your ideas and ideas. Shaping, materials and colors can be discussed. Our design will discuss your suggestions with you, in which way we can realize them.

Connection to external programs

Connection via MS Outlook

Connection via Lotus Notes

In large organizations, it is common today for sales representatives and clerks to post their numerous appointments via external programs. Thus, appointments, participating employees, external personnel and the premises are efficiently coordinated and booked via Microsoft Outlook (in connection with Exchange server) or via Lotus Notes. Blackberry bookings are also possible.

VisGuide Optionally has Exchange and Domino and other interfaces to communicate with external programs. At the same time, nothing changes in terms of the tried-and-tested way of working, as VisGuide independently takes over the bookings made from the Exchange server and asks the responsible employee additional wishes regarding catering, technical equipment and the design of the digital door signs.

The data transfer and booking processing functions similarly with Lotus Notes and the Domino server.

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