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VisGuide 8

A powerful software package

VisGuide is an impressive software for Digital Signage Applications. It perfectly combines conference room management with the presentation of general information such as movies, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

All possibilities of visual representation

All common multimedia formats, which are necessary for the representation of films and pictures, can be played with VisGuide. Files can now be simply dragged and dropped into the day application or a loop container.

[1] multi-screen

Templates prepared in HTML are the basis for the simple use of the multi-screen function. Individually prepared text fields, eg for menu cards of restaurants, greetings, weather and traffic information are combined with image content.

[2] Pic / Slideshow

To do this, select an image from your list and enter the desired lifetime for it.
Alternatively, select multiple images. These will then be played as part of a slideshow with perfect transitions.

[3] movie

Select a movie from your list here and put it in the loop container. VisGuide can use all common formats. At the end of the movie, the following file is automatically played back

[4] PowerPoint

Select a PowerPoint presentation from your list and place it in the loop container. It will automatically start and play. After the end, VisGuide shows the next file in the container list.

[5] website

Simply enter the website to be shown here, eg and choose the lifetime for it (eg 30 sec.). After viewing this web page, VisGuide automatically displays the next file in the container list.

A powerful package

VisGuide is an impressive software for Digital Signage Applications. It perfectly combines conference room management with the presentation of general information such as movies, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

VisGuide GUI

VisGuide GUI

VisGuide offers one of the best GUI (graphical user interface) worldwide - whether for conference room booking, advertising or a simple welcome screen. All connected screens are constantly supplied with new content.

If a new event is booked spontaneously, the monitor contents are updated automatically.

Software & Doorplates

Software & Doorplates

VisGuide software and the digital door signs - VisDoor are designed to show greetings as well as information in all possible languages, eg Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic ...



In front of each conference room, digital door signs (VisDoor) are installed, which display the current meetings in a time-controlled manner. In addition, the visitors to the model VisDoor BusinessLine Already remotely informed by a light frame whether the room is free or occupied.

News ticker


The ticker module is a universal utility for all types of ticker applications today:

The ticker concept of VisGuide is probably unique. First, the user can choose to use the automatic display of an RSS feed (that is, pre-made content retrieved from a website) or to place a text message of their own as a ticker. All composed text messages are storable so that they can be reactivated and updated at any time. The possibility of using different pleadings is especially helpful for foreign guests: Russians, Chinese and Japanese can be addressed with the help of their own characters.

  • Colors for fonts and backgrounds are freely definable
  • Transparency for fonts and backgrounds
  • Special characters from foreign languages
  • Various pleadings (russian, japanese ...)
  • All entries can be stored and edited
  • RSS feed or individual text input

Flash messages

For urgent cases, in which messages must be displayed quickly and directly on the monitors, we offer the possibility to enter flash messages. These can be life-saving. Here are some examples:

  • FIRE - leave the building
  • SHOTS - include yourself
  • EARTHQUAKE - leave the building
  • Pausendeende - Please take your seats

Distribution of information

Direct control of the displays

Another security feature is the built-in control of the connected displays. This allows the operator to check from their workstation which image a specific monitor currently displays. In this case, REAL is sent an image of the current display via the data line.


VisGuide is an excellent medium for the transmission of advertising messages, because on the one hand all kinds of advertising messages can be represented (from advertising films up to spontaneously written offers), on the other hand these messages can be shown time-oriented.

Target group-oriented advertising

room booking

Individual presentation format
for every display monitor

Each display monitor can be individually specified a presentation format. Three formats are available:

  • Only video / image information
  • Only current conference room assignments
  • The mixed presentation of the first two possibilities

Operating times of the monitors programmable

Operating times of the monitors programmable

Schedules for using the monitors are easy to enter and can be assigned individually for each display monitor or VisDoor.

Equipment, location and plans available

Equipment, location and plans available

Even with the booking request, room plans and equipment features can be viewed immediately. For this, the room is clicked, an additional window with the desired information opens.

Catering and media technology via e-mail

Catering and media technology via e-mail

Drinks and meals can be booked individually for each conference at the click of a mouse. The transmission to the catering takes place automatically by E-Mail. Changes to orders are automatically resent.

Special status of VIP rooms

Special status of VIP rooms

The inspection and booking of VIP rooms can only be done with special authorization. So discretion can be maintained. With a "general" authorization these premises are not accessible.

Connection to external programs

Connection via MS Outlook

Connection via Lotus Notes

In large organizations, it is common today for sales representatives and clerks to post their numerous appointments via external programs.
Thus, appointments, participating employees, external personnel and the premises are efficiently coordinated and booked via Microsoft Outlook (in connection with Exchange server) or via Lotus Notes. Blackberry bookings are also possible.

VisGuide optionally has Exchange and Domino as well as other interfaces to communicate with external programs.
At the same time, nothing changes in terms of the tried-and-tested way of working, as VisGuide independently takes over the bookings made from the Exchange server and asks the responsible employee for additional requests regarding catering, technical equipment and the design of the digital door signs from.

Accordingly, the data transfer and booking processing functions similarly with Lotus Notes and the Domino server.


With the multiscreen option, you are even freer in the design of your presentation on the information displays. Multiscreen allows you to present multiple simultaneous feeds on one monitor.

Thus, multimedia movies, video livestreams, tickers and static image content can be freely combined. Smooth playback is guaranteed in all windows.

Cafeteria / Restaurant

The presentation of the menus can be carried out flexibly and professionally with the help of VisGuide. Even several food distribution centers can be recorded simultaneously with individual menus.

[A] Menu entry

[A] Menu entry

Enter the menu for today or one of the following days.

[B] Preview

[B] Preview

By pressing the "Preview" button you will see the presentation of the welcome screen.

[C] operator monitor

[C] operator monitor

The entry in a list display now appears on the monitor of the operator. He is easy to change or move.

Web-based VisGuide software version

User Interface Web-based

Starting with version VisGuide 8, a web-based version of the room booking module is available. Thus, bookings of conference rooms anywhere via iPad or smartphone via browser are possible.

The room booking module gives you a perfect overview of all bookings. Appointments can be made within seconds. The events can be changed at any time. Simply drag the booking with your mouse to another room or time.

There are various display modes - allowing the user to use the overview view of the day, week or month, thus finding easily related free capacities.

Features and system properties

Minimum System Requirements

  • Server: Windows 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 servers
  • Mind. 8GB RAM, better more
  • Processor with at least 4 cores
  • Client (Operator PC) 4 GB Memory (8 GB recommended for 4K)
  • Platform independent as web version. Can then be used for MS Windows, Apple OS, Tablets, Android, Linux and other operating systems
  • Minimum 3,8 GB of hard disk space

General program features

  • Simple menu navigation. Very clear and intuitive to use.
  • Program is divided into modules for room booking and information monitors as well as parking booking and administration (all modules optional)
  • There are 2 password levels: one for users, one for administrators
  • Iindividual or serial inputs
  • Real-screen control without Using VNC
  • Web version available for room booking
  • Integrated calendar
  • Preview as WYSIWIG
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Software suitable for HD and 4K playback
  • Supports touch displays
  • Russian, Asian and Arabic fonts can be displayed
  • Tfreely positionable
  • When ticker background and font color can be freely selected. Transparency function is also integrated
  • Ticker runs "backwards" in Arabic scripts
  • Up to 1024 displays controllable (optional expandable)
  • Control of all screens individually or as a group possible
  • Flexible assignment when grouping screens (eg Monitor 4, 9 and 15)
  • Time-variable grouping of screens ("Foyer" monitor group displays content from 10: 00 to 12: 00.) The screens are then individually recorded
  • Especially easy moving and copying entries
  • Easy change between week and day view
  • Automatic error or problem notification (technical check runs in the background)
  • Different movies, animations, etc. can be displayed at the same time (split image)
  • Monitors are automatically sent from the server switched on and off (adjustable in software)
  • Overwrite function for deactivated displays
  • Own, integrated monitoring program for Info-Monitors, VisDoor and Server
  • remote maintenance
  • Service availability via maintenance contract (optional)
  • Exchange Interface (optional)
  • Extension of Exchange Feedback for touchmonitor communication (optional)

VisDoor - Digital Doorplates
VisDoor are digital door signs, which are specially adapted to the VisGuide software. VisDoor are available with an elegant aluminum frame (model Elegance) or with integrated status LEDs (model BusinessLine). Special design on customer request is possible

  • VisDoor BuinessLine have built-in status LEDs. These adapt to color depending on the booking status. Green = free, red = occupied or individual color according to customer's choice
  • VisDoor is available as a surface or flush-mounted version
  • VisDoor can be switched on and off automatically via VisGuide
  • VisDoor comes in various sizes from 7 inches to 22 inches
  • Up to 1024 rooms can be managed simultaneously (optionally expandable)
  • Overwrite function for postings outside normal times
  • Available as PoE version (Power over Internet)

VisGuide Info Module
Info Monitors - Information, Advertising, Welcome and Leads

  • Compilation of a presentation via drag & drop
  • All usual video formats are playable
  • All common image formats are playable
  • PowerPoint is playable
  • Web pages can be viewed
  • Camera live images and TV streaming possible
  • Own, integrated monitoring program for Info-Monitors, VisDoor and Server
  • Suitable for all media such as monitors, projectors, LED displays, etc.
  • Can be used for assigning individual content or for central distribution (eg advertising agencies)
  • Especially for the lobby area, the monitor can be shared so that advertising, greeting events (room booking) can be displayed simultaneously

VisGuide room booking model

  • Coordinated with digital VisDoor door signs
  • Digital door signs of other brands can also be used
  • Simultaneous presentation of the booking on a welcome or room overview display (eg in the lobby)
  • Integrated calendar
  • A digital doorplate can also display two rooms at the same time
  • Individual or series bookings
  • Bookings for room groups
  • Log over all inputs we logged
  • Own, integrated monitoring program for Info-Monitors, VisDoor and Server

WAVE - Radio-based displays
WAVE are monochrome door signs that are controlled by radio. Since they are specially adapted to the VisGuide software, we describe the advantages here.

  • 7,5 inches diagonal
  • 12,5 inches diagonal
  • Battery life averaged 5 years (depending on the frequency of the booking update
  • Most modern e-paper technology
  • Radio transmitter bridges up to 70 m
  • Control via VisGuide room booking module
  • "Miscible" with other VisDoor series


  • AES128 encryption
  • Two password levels. One for the user, one for the administrator
  • Remote maintenance via TeamViewer
  • Log Viewer available in the client (saves all posting transactions)
  • Own, integrated monitoring program for Info-Monitors, VisDoor and Server
  • Active Directory Integration (optional)

Downloads & contact

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