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LED surtitling

LED sub-title system opener

Here VICOM always offers the right product to meet the requirements of opera houses and theaters. The LEDs are usually supplied at a pixel pitch of 6 mm, 4 mm, or 2,5 mm. The total height of the displays is available in 50 cm, 67 cm, one meter or in other dimensions.

pixel calculation

We are happy to calculate individually the optimal display size and the correct pixel pitch.

Our LED units are all delivered without external fan, so anytime an approx
sound presentation is guaranteed

Optionally, our LED displays are available with a protective metal frame. Thus, it can be removed at any time in the display and it is guaranteed that no LEDs can be knocked out or injured by the ground contact.

LED edge

For outdoor use, eg at opera festivals or open-air events, we deliver weatherproof units that work reliably even in adverse conditions. You can stay outside during the entire season.


Of course, we guarantee the technical service for all LED units supplied by us. Technical know-how in case of technical problems is of course always available by phone. Spare parts and services by our specialist technicians can be called up at any time.


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