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NEW: ParkGuide and ParkSign

NEW: ParkGuide and ParkSign

Our new systems Park Guide and Park Sign Together they form an electronic parking space allocation system. It is fully compatible with the VisGuide Software and can be operated via the office entry point or via mobile phones.

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NEW: weatherproof housing

NEW: weatherproof housing

Our new development focuses especially on the Rental and permanent installation, The housing can be used mobile and meets the tough requirements of weather and all flexible applications.

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NEW: VisDoor Generation 6 in the format 16: 9!

NEW: VisDoor Generation 6 in the format 16: 9!

VICOM introduces the newest generation of VisDoors: generation 6.

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Digital Signage


Digital signage has become an integral part of everyday life. We advise you on the possibilities and have the right solutions for you.

software solutions


Also take a look at our own software solutions such as VisGuide in conjunction with our LED technology.

LED technology


With brilliant luminosity and high reliability will be LED technology used in many areas of modern communication.



VICOM has been developing various types of protective enclosures for over 15 years, including sound, weather, dirt or fire enclosures.


  • "Our technicians really complain about everything, but no one can say anything about the VICOM soundproof enclosures."

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