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Protective housing

Our selection of protective housings for projections and monitors

VICOM soundproof enclosures , also called silencers or silent boxes, according to customer requirements for over 15 years The requirements are determined by the customer. We design and build the appropriate soundproofing case, but no device is too big, too heavy or too loud for us.

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VICOM develops and builds protective housings for projectors and displays for all weather conditions

This new housing is based on a new concept, with which not only fixed installations but also rental applications can be optimally implemented.

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Series model WITH air conditioning
Individual solutions .

DustShield is a protective housing for video and data projectors and displays. It protects against fine dirt, smoke and industrial pollution in the air.

We analyze which dangers and risks the devices need to be protected against and then develop the shape and size of the housing. An automatic, electronic ventilation system is usually used. Air conditioning, additional heating and dehumidifiers are other options.

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VICOM develops and builds fire protection housings for projectors and monitors.

They are mandatory in escape and rescue routes. Specifically for projectors, we have created an efficient way for cooling needs.

The housing is made of a non-combustible material with an easy-to-clean surface. The shape and size of the housing is individually tailored to the projector.

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