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Power lift

Large Venue Lift

Nowadays, for professional use, bright projectors are only used with soundproof housings. an integrated concept

with the combination of the power lift and its soundproof housings This makes it possible for the first time to use powerful projectors in large-scale projects in an almost inaudible manner.

VICOM soundproof housings have been produced for 25 years and reduce the sound level of the projectors to less than 30 dB. This is world class! With the power lift, it is now easily possible to install an integrated, space-saving and practical solution. The projector and its soundproof housing disappear into the ceiling; easy access for maintenance and service is made possible by shutting down the entire thing

Parking position

The lift remains in this position when not in use, i.e. just below the ceiling. In most cases, the parking position is set up so that it is flush with the suspended ceiling and the technology remains practically invisible when not in use.

Projection position

In the projection position, also known as the working position, the projector projects. It is guided and stabilized cleanly with a special scissor mechanism. The exact height can be adjusted precisely.

Service position

In order to be able to carry out technical service on the projectors, the service position can be selected. This gives technicians the opportunity to carry out projector maintenance at table height. The exact extension length for this can be precisely adjusted.


Operation via wall panel, radio remote control or room controls such as Crestron, AMX...

Routes for the projection position and service position can be individually configured and must be defined in advance of an offer request. Also important is the load weight, consisting of the projector, accessories, lens and a possible soundproof housing. This must also be communicated to us for the price calculation, or will be calculated by VICOM based on your information.