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Seating systems

VICOM has been developing and building surtitling systems for theaters and opera houses for over 20 years. The integrated text displays in the seat backs guarantee maximum comfort because visitors can choose the language in which they want to be accompanied.

The leading surtitle program in Europe

VICOM SurtitlePro is the leading surtitle program in Europe. It is characterized by easy operation and a safe, precise presentation.

SurtitlePro can be used for LED displays, projectors, monitors as well as analog and digital seating systems.

A much-lauded use of this program is made at the Grand Theater del Liceu, Barcelona. There, the projection, LED display and text monitors in the seats are controlled at the same time by this one software.

New in version 6 is that LED displays with their enormous brightness can finally be controlled professionally. If the texts appear too bright in a dark scene, a defined area can be displayed in the program with only 17% brightness, for example.


  • almost free transition times
  • X-apertures or V-apertures selectable
  • absolutely no jerking during the crossfade
  • Accident function
  • up to 12 languages ​​are shown at the same time
  • Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and much more. is possible
  • extremely reliable
  • and much more


VICOM is breaking new ground with its new technical concept. Projects can be realized that were previously not possible.

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Direct mode

For special applications, the memory recall mode in the displays (see description above) can also be switched off so that information is transmitted “live” to the displays.

Custom graphics

Company logos can be displayed in a specific box, on individual or groups of seats, as part of sponsorships or special events.

Individual texts

Individual texts can be sent to each individual seat. VIPs from politics, culture or business can be welcomed at their seats. Other applications include showing seat assignments, sponsors or seat sponsorships.


In the event of a problem occurring, the operator can hide the texts in the chairs at any time, re-synchronize and then show the texts again. This problem is not noticed by the audience. Speed ​​and immediacy.

Speed ​​and immediacy

Before the performance, all text and graphics are loaded into each text display. Each display has a correspondingly large memory for this. The SurtitlePro program then only sends short retrieval sequences so that the operator can advance the texts. The current form of transmitting many languages ​​with correspondingly large files takes a long time and is displayed with a time delay and therefore not synchronously.


The displays are built into the seat backs of rail mounting systems. The position can be adjusted individually for an optimal viewing angle.

In certain areas of the theater, such as the periphery or some seats in the middle, two displays must be built into a seat back, as the row of seats behind two patrons must read from the same seat in front of them.

The VICOM seat displays are characterized by an extremely high contrast range. At first glance you notice that there is no backlight at all. The fonts and graphics shine on this completely black background. This makes them easy and tiring to read.

Another feature is the high quality of the displays. The displays from a premium manufacturer that manufactures in Japan are used. A high level of luminosity and longevity are guaranteed here.

Combined with the high-quality and long-lasting electronics from VICOM, the result is a system that is extremely reliable, both today and in the future.

Individual greeting

It is particularly important for VIP seats to greet people individually with their name and title.
All seat displays in our system are controlled digitally. Technically speaking, each seat has an individual IP address. This is the basis for a personal greeting of the guest by entering their name and title.


Individual seats, boxes or the entire opera house can be booked individually by sponsors.
Separate from the "normal" surtitling program, the refinancing can be promoted via the opera's marketing department. The sponsorship is usually offered for one season, but can of course also be shorter or longer. Companies or institutions can also book the entire building, including the system, for their own events and presentations.

While the visitors go to their seats, the endless loop shown on the left can be switched to the displays. The time interval can be freely selected.


Surtitle Seating Systems (1:31)