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Digital ParkSign System




The VICOM ParkSign system is a complete solution for digitally directing parking spaces.

This means that, for the first time, parking spaces can be reserved and allocated to specific people in a time-based manner. The system consists of

  • Indoor ParkSign
  • Outdoor Park Sign
  • Guiding outdoor stele
  • Control software

VisGuide software

VisGuide is a special software with which parking signs and the content on the large information stele are time-controlled and therefore displayed completely automatically.

The parking lot sign can also be preset for a specific date days, weeks or months in advance, and the information is then in a time-controlled manner via the internal calendar .

Various templates can be prepared that can only be clicked on - this means that the type of information that is conveyed is already determined in the design: VIP customer with name or license plate , management, reserved... In the event that the ParkSign is not currently being actively used , the company logo, for example, is automatically displayed.

VisGuide optionally also offers an MS Exchange/MS Outlook interface so that bookings can be taken over from there - the basic information, which runs as standard without these special bookings, can be flexibly defined.


ParkSign are digital parking signs.

They have a display and a built-in computer for control and communication with the server. ParkSign is available in two versions: ParkSign INDOOR
protective housing painted in white, with wall bracket, high-quality IPS panel with approx. 300 cd/m² brightness, resolution 2560 x 1080 pixels, size approx. W x H 62 x 20 cm, with pre-configured player -PC.

Suitable for indoor parking lots and parking garages. ParkSign OUTDOOR
protective housing with bright LED display that is easy to read even in sunshine, approx. 9.2 kg, 6000cd/m², 2.5mm pixel pitch, resolution 256 x 64 pixels, size without base approx. 77 x 25 x 9 cm , painted in RAL 7035 light gray.

ParkGuide outdoor stele

ParkGuide outdoor stele with 55" or 65" high brightness monitor in portrait mode, brightness approx. 2500 nits, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, metal housing, integrated air conditioning , housing color silver, long-life operation , temperature range -25° - +50° C, Ethernet supply lines and current 16 A, with weatherproof safety glass pane, height approx. 2200 mm, width approx. 1200 mm, weight approx. 200 kg including integrated heater, with electronic temperature control, lockable access door, incl. VisGuide Player PC with player software as well Playback license for flexible playback of content, independent content or linked content with ParkSign, fastening the display to the ground using dowels or similar.