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WeatherProtect series model without air conditioning

Weather protection housing “ECO-Protect”

The new ECO-Protect housing series is characterized by its compact design, low weight and attractive price. It was developed specifically for temperate climate zones, such as Central Europe.

ECO-Protect weather protection housings are designed for bright, medium-performance projectors such as the Panasonic PT-RZ21. The exact projector types are listed on the last page.

A sensor-controlled air control system with integrated electronic control and heating allows year-round operation without an air conditioning unit. Even at temperatures down to -25°C, no condensation forms inside the housing.

ECO-Protect is not suitable for installations that are located near salt water or where the humidity is permanently higher than 80%. In these cases we recommend using VICOM COOL-Protect housings.


Special advantages

4 sizes

Numerous sports are already available - see the last page.

Our offer is constantly being supplemented with new sports. For this brochure we have selected the examples with handball.


By standardizing the sizes and producing them as a series product, prices could be reduced to a very affordable level.


We of course offer ECO-Protect protective housings for purchase. Alternatively, they can also be rented from us.

Direct wall mounting

Based on practical experience, our housings are built so that their back can be placed directly against a house wall. This means you achieve minimal space consumption. Intelligent ventilation control using sensors ensures the right climate within the housing.

Made in Germany

Design, manufacturing, quality monitoring and certification are carried out exclusively in Germany.

Protects against all external influences


ECO-Protect housings have 30 mm thick insulation. They are therefore designed for even the most severe cold.


Of course, a special focus is placed on waterproofing. The long stainless steel feet guarantee that the projector stays dry even in heavy rain.


There is usually no projection during the day. The housing ensures sufficient ventilation during the day and supports projection in the evening with appropriately powerful fans.


The ECO housing can be screwed into the floor and has lockable doors and accesses.


ECO-Protect housings are made of metal. This means that the valuable projector itself is protected against hail.

Unsure whether you need air conditioning with or without? We would be happy to advise you, give us a call.

3 case sizes

Model S for smaller projectors, e.g. Christie D16WU-HS

Model M for medium-sized projectors, e.g. Panasonic PT-RZ21

Model L for larger projectors, e.g. Panasonic DS20K2

Which ECO-Protect housing do I need for my projector?

brand Model Size
Barco PJWU-101B ECO-M
Barco RLM-W12 ECO-S
Barco RLM-W14 ECO-S
Barco RLS-W12 ECO-S
Christie D12HD-H ECO-S
Christie D12WU-H ECO-S
Christie D13HD-HS ECO-M
Christie D13WU-HS ECO-M
Christie DS+750 ECO-S
Christie DS+8K-J ECO-M
Christie DWU635-GS ECO-S
Christie HD7K-J ECO-M
Christie LW720 ECO-S
Digital Projection M-Vision Laser 18K WUXGA ECO-L
Epson EB-L1050U ECO-S
Epson EB-L1750U ECO-S
Panasonic DS100XE ECO-S
Panasonic DS20K2 ECO-L
Panasonic DW100E ECO-M
Panasonic DW100E ECO-M
Panasonic DW17K2 ECO-L
Panasonic DW640L ECO-S
Panasonic DW830 ECO-S
Panasonic DW830L ECO-S
Panasonic DW90XE ECO-S
Panasonic DX100 ECO-S
Panasonic DX100L ECO-S
Panasonic DX610L ECO-S
Panasonic DZ110XE ECO-S
Panasonic DZ13K ECO-S
Panasonic DZ16K2 ECO-L
Panasonic DZ21K2 ECO-L
Panasonic DZ680L ECO-S
Panasonic DZ770 ECO-S
Panasonic DZ770K ECO-S
Panasonic DZ870 ECO-S
Panasonic DZ870L ECO-S
Panasonic MZ16KL ECO-S/T5
Panasonic RQ32K ECO-L
Panasonic RQ35K ECO-L
Panasonic RS30K ECO-L
Panasonic RX110LB ECO-S
Panasonic RZ120 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ12K ECO-M
Panasonic RZ21 ECO-M
Panasonic RZ31K ECO-L
Panasonic RZ570 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ670 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ690 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ870 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ970 ECO-S
Panasonic RZ990 ECO-S
Vivitec DU8193Z ECO-M

Housing for additional projectors on request