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Wave radio panel

High-quality design with maximum user-friendliness

A high-quality aluminum frame surrounds the WAVE display. In order to increase the quality, the surface was specially processed and treated. The WAVE wireless display appears objective and elegant and can be integrated into almost any environment. As with all digital door signs, the control is carried out with VisGuide.

10 reasons for VisDoor WAVE

No cables necessary

VisDoor Wave no longer requires any cables at all, neither for power nor for data transmission. The display is updated wirelessly and the power is supplied via long-life batteries


There are currently 2 sizes available for VisDoor Wave. 7.5 inches and 13 inches diagonal

Anti-theft protection

The VisDoor WAVE displays are very popular. Therefore, all wall mounting systems have theft protection

Modern e-paper

The representation on the VisDoor Wave displays is based on the current generation of e-paper. They are high-contrast and have minimal power consumption. 3 colors (black, white, red) can be displayed

Compatible with VICO

The content as text and images can easily be used via the interface of the popular VisGuide digital signage program. The time-controlled connection then happens automatically

Applying to glass

Special display holders enable application to glass. It looks really chic and fascinating when a door sign is attached like this

Long lifespan

VisDoor Wave are powered by batteries. Thanks to a particularly intelligent energy concept, the batteries last 4-5 years - depending on use

Elegant design

VisDoor Wave are only supplied with wall brackets that ensure theft protection. The front panel is made of aluminum and gives the display a high-quality appearance

Direct import

Bookings from other room booking software such as MS Outlook/Exchange can also be displayed via a special VICOM interface

Combination with other displays

VisDoor Wave can be combined with the VisDoor displays Elegance and BusinessLine without any restrictions. They are also intended to be combined with the VICOM InfoDisplays so that bookings can be made simultaneously on the total monitor in the lobby

data sheet

VisDoor Wave Wave S Wave M
Dimensions 205*145*19mm 294x232x18mm
Weight 324g 423g
Resolution absolute 640x384 pixels 1304x984 pixels
diagonal 19.1cm 31.8cm
number of colors black White Red black White Red
temperature 10°C to 46°C 10°C to 46°C
Resolution relative 100dpi 131dpi
Battery life approx. 4 years approx. 4 years
Content software VICOM VisGuide VICOM VisGuide
Number of wave displays that can be controlled with VICOM VisGuide unlimited unlimited
Range of the radio transmitter up to 70 m up to 70 m
Number of wave displays that can be controlled with one transmitter unlimited unlimited

Downloads & Contact

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